About Us:

As Ultrasonic Defense and Aeronautics Technologies, we are a start-up company and committed to high quality and reasonable price for ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT). Our company was founded in 2017 by engineers and investors with experience and knowledge in the non-destructive inspection services industry in Kayseri.

Over the years, our team and our company have been working hard on non-destructive inspection to further improve service quality and skill, bringing this service to you above reasonable price and high quality standards. Our studies have over 10 years of experience, knowledge and experience as well as outstanding achievements.


Our Quality Policy:

As Ultrasonic Defense and Aviation Technologies Inc. quality and customer satisfaction are the most important experiences for us. In order to ensure that our products and the services we provide are the most beneficial for you, we provide both support and technical assistance after service delivery. Our production and service delivery is disciplined and takes place at the desired time interval and is controlled.


Innovation and Continuity:

NDT (non-destructive inspection systems) systems have begun to produce and service, and we have been progressing in our minds and making this progress permanent, and we continue to work in discipline to maintain this blend until the end. Our aim is to present our services to you by blending our services with your requests. It is very important to win your confidence in this matter and we would like to point out that our team has achieved great and successful work with many of the NDT sector for a long time, in close cooperation with the NDT sector. And we continue to keep this business alliance closely following the changes in our sector and we are working with our existing strength and continually testing our market to maintain our position as a sector-oriented company. By carefully examining the consequences of our testing and our work, we are setting an up-to-date route to our company policies.


Our Service Policy:

While presenting our commercial and service activities closely and sincerely with our customers, we want our sincere feelings to win in our customers and organizations that we have made our business with. We offer our services by making special updates to our services by taking care of the needs of our customers. We care about earning your trust and we give our services to you through an open and transparent service model. It is also taken care of by us and the careful follow-up of our services and the fact that you have achieved the necessary efficiency.