Smartphone controlled ultrasonic nondestructive testing system design

The aim of this work is to design an ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) system that utilizes the advanced features of smartphones and tablets. These superior features of smart devices can be listed as wide and sensitive touch screen, mobile internet connection, satisfactory CPU performance, application development environment and more. Integrating these features into a conventional NDT system increases the capabilities of the system while decreasing hardware costs. Therefore, an ultrasonic development card was designed in order to obtain these advantages. This development card is capable to measure thickness and detect internal flaws. Designed NDT system was also supported with encoder reading and ultrasonic data acquisition functions which are needed in computer controlled ultrasonic scanning systems. An android application was developed to send configuration data to the ultrasonic development board and visualize received signals captured from ultrasonic transducers. Smart devices are paired to the development card over Bluetooth communication channels. Ultrasonic signals visualized by the smart device can be saved for future investigations or shared via internet with different experts. Access to saved ultrasonic data provides the results can be evaluated in a variety of environments or monitor the inspection of a test material remotely.

Gül, S., Ozdemir, A. T., “Smartphone Controlled Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing System Design”, International Conference on Engineering Technologies, PP 335-338, ICENTE’17, 7-9 December, Konya; TURKEY, 2017″