A physical layer implementation on reconfigurable underwater acoustic modem

Underwater acoustic (UWA) multi-user network algorithms can only be fully tested through experimental studies where communication signals are transmitted through a real underwater channel. Reconfigurable UWA modem provides a flexible environment for the testing of different communication algorithms including networking protocols. In this paper we present design, implementation, and testing of a physical layer algorithm on reconfigurable acoustic modem. This physical layer is very flexible; therefore it can easily be modified in order to be employed for the testing of different UWA networking algorithms.

Aydınlık, M., Özdemir, A.T., Stajanovic, M., “A Physical Layer Implementation on Reconfigurable Underwater Acoustic Modem”, OCEANS’08 MTS/IEEE Quebec Conference, pp.1-4, Quebec, Canada, 15-18 September, 2008.